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Unique virtual tour technology

Interactive multimedia expertise

Professional Web-Design & CMS

Award-winning 3D Animation

Professional Photoshooting

Talented Copywrighting

Fast production times

Incredible delivery terms

Sophisticated post-production

Structured payment schedules

Surprisingly affordable prices

Effective SEO and promotion

"... Outstanding results, BTM helped us to achieve new heights in communicating visual merchandising standards via web..."

Anthony Fusco, Visual Merchandising Director, MACY's Inc, NY

"... Experienced team
, solid deivery, realiable performance..."

Sylvia Amlaw, Revenue Director
Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, FL

"... It was a great experience for us to work with such a professional team. Good combination of professional web-programming skills, artistic and stylish design and creative work, accompanied by multimedia capabilities and deep knowledge of various areas of the subject makes them one of the best web-development teams that we have ever worked with..."
Anna Gromnitskaya
Client Relations Department
TV-Network (STS), Moscow, Russia

  BTM Team ("Behind The Mirror Team" inspired by Lewis Carrol's "Through The Looking Glass" and "Alice in Wonderland") designs unique and strategic web solutions and services to virtually satisfy any of your needs. By combining spectacular multimedia virtual tours, 3-D animation, cutting edge technologies, web content writing, photography and more, BTM breathes life to your Virtual front door.

Additionally, we can maintain your Internet presence; equip your web-site with an easy-to-use Content-Management System (CMS); and train your people to support your site, as needed, affordably.

We provide
web-development services, take professional care of your Internet presence, equip your web-site with remarkable 360-degree virtual multimedia tours that bring your project to a whole new level with interactive sounds, animations and video clips.
We develop easy-to-use "content management" systems for your site, and train your specialists to support it as needed.
We bring you up to the first page of Google to help millions of new customers find you.

Another Areas of Our Specialization Include

3D interior and architectural renderings, multimedia works and TV production, presentation CD's, virtual tours programming (Flash and HTML5), digital photography, virtual studio design, TV program styling, and video/audio editing. More details are available in the "services section" and some breathtaking samples are located in "portfolio".

We Also Excel
in panoramic street-view technologies, similar to Google street view, but on our own engine and much more affordable. We have biggest cities of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries in our portfolio. (read more)

Under Our Banners

we unite bright and talented professionals from several countries who can usually be found behind the scenes of every interesting and truly remarkable project. Our philosophy is: everything we do should not only satisfy the needs of our clients, but at the same time it should pass our own strict quality standards and have that special air of "WOW factor".

And It Doesn't Really Matter

where you are located geographically - you will be able to keep track of the entire process on-line. We have great experience doing really remarkable projects while being thousands of miles away from our clients. However, if the contract demands our presence on location, we are always glad to meet "en vivo".

We Started

back in 1998 and have accomplished a wide variety of projects since then; different not only in terms of themes, but also in terms of budgets and technologies utilized.

Among Our Clients Are
commercial and professional associations; various international business-development organizations, humanitarian, social and ecological projects; TV Channels; financial institutions; construction companies; fashion houses; fitness clubs; travel agencies; commercial and non-commercial projects.

A lot of our work has received recognition on different contests. You can read more about our client's impressions here.

Feel Free
to contact us via email or by phone: 503.577.0449. We do provide a certain amount of consulting for free because we believe that it is not only interesting work - it is also a remarkable World that we all live in. Making new friends and sharing knowledge is life, growth, and fun.



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360 Interactive Multimedia
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Street Views Interactive Maps
Web Design & CMS
3D Animation

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